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What is Radworks?

Radworks is a community dedicated to cultivating internet freedom. In a world that almost entirely relies on software, maintaining the resilience and health of the free and open source ecosystem is more important than ever. We strive to demonstrate the viability — in cost, labor, quality, and resiliency — of open-source software and its development.

Join us on our quest to create a better and freer internet together!

Our Purpose

Radworks funds new, resilient, permissionless technologies to cultivate internet freedom. We focus on funding and supporting the creation of censorship-resistant and decentralized technologies that empower builders and creators to collaborate. We strive to endorse and provide resources to builders of these technologies.

Radworks is committed to transparency, inclusivity, and decentralized decision-making, ensuring that our community has a say in the direction of our efforts and the projects we support. Together, we can build a more decentralized and equitable future for software development.

Our purpose lives here.

Radworks is run by a decentralized governance system, powered by its community of users & builders, and represented by the $RAD token. Read more about Radworks governance.

Our Projects

Radworks currently supports the development of the following technologies:


Radicle is a peer-to-peer network for code collaboration


Drips is a peer-to-peer fund sharing & splitting solution