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What is Radworks?

In a world that almost entirely relies on software, maintaining the resilience and health of the free and open source ecosystem is more important than ever.

Radworks is building a sovereign developer stack that enables developers to securely host, collaborate, and reward open-source code. It operates as a community-governed network that uses both and off- and on-chain governance mechanisms to make decisions as a community.

See here for more information on our governance.


Radworks focuses on funding and supporting the creation of censorship-resistant and decentralized technologies that empower builders and creators to collaborate.

Radworks is committed to transparency, inclusivity, and decentralized decision-making, ensuring that the community has a say in the direction of its efforts and the projects it supports. Together, the Radworks community can build a more decentralized and equitable future for software development.

The community-mandated purpose lives here.


Radworks currently supports the development of the following technologies:

Radicle 👾

Radicle is a peer-to-peer code collaboration stack

Drips 💧

Drips is a decentralized toolkit for funding critical software dependencies

Radicle Integrations & Tooling 🛠️

The Radicle Integrations & Tooling team improves onboarding to Radicle by developing integrations with third-party developer tooling


The Radworks Seed Network is a decentralized network of seed node operators providing storage and retrieval services for the Radicle network.