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How We Work

Radworks is composed of Orgs. Orgs represent different groups of contributors that are funded from its treasury. Orgs serve the Radworks purpose by building technologies for developers that cultivate internet freedom. To obtain funding, Orgs must pass annual budget proposals through Radworks governance (see Governance Manual).

All Orgs have the autonomy to choose their own governance models, manage their own funds and run their own organizations. Each Org is required to participate in quarterly community calls and report to the community on their progress on the objectives outlined in their annual funding proposals.

"Diagram of the Radworks ecosystem, with Radworks encompassing multiple Orgs, each of which have one or more Teams consisting of one or more Contributors"

Currently, Radworks funds five separate Orgs: Radicle, Drips, Radicle Integrations & Tooling, Better Internet Foundation, and Grants.

Radicle Org

The Radicle Org aims to develop a fully-sovereign code collaboration stack called “Radicle”. Radicle is designed to be a secure, decentralized and powerful alternative to code forges such as GitHub and GitLab while preserving user sovereignty and freedom. See the Radicle Org's community approved strategy & budget for 2024.

Drips Org

The Drips Org’s mission is to enable FOSS developers to financially thrive by taking on the problem of FOSS sustainability / funding public goods. Drips develops novel protocols, tools and applications that enable new value flows for developers in order to receive funds from their users and supporters. See the Drips Org's community approved strategy & budget for 2024.

Better Internet Foundation Org

The Foundation Org is represented by the Better Internet Foundation (previously Radicle Foundation) - a Swiss non-profit entity. The Foundation Org serves the roles of "protector, nurturer, and advocate" of the Radworks ecosystem, by carrying out operations, marketing, and governance-related support. It also fulfills roles that are better suited to a legal entity, such as the maintenance of Radworks' intellectual property and initiation of Radworks' legal analysis and action. All work done by the Foundation Org for Radworks is funded by the treasury via an annual Org proposal. See the Foundation Org's community approved strategy and budget for 2024.

The Better Internet Foundation does not control treasury funds, nor can it direct product development (Radicle & Drips).

Grants Org

The Radworks Grants Org finds, funds, and guides research and development of any FOSS projects that fall outside the purview of currently funded product/engineering orgs (e.g. Radicle, Drips). See the Grants Org's community approved strategy & budget for 2024.

Radicle Integrations & Tooling Org

The focus of this Org is to integrate the Radicle Forge with other developer tools. They aim to lower friction for developers who want to migrate to Radicle, by allowing them to keep their existing workflows. These intergations enable smoother user onboarding (i.e. quicker adoption) as well as user retention. See the Radicle Integrations & Tooling Org's community approved strategy & budget for 2024.