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Community Calls

Community Calls are held on a quarterly basis. Each Org is responsible for sending one team member to present a progress update on what they are working on and what they have planned for the coming quarter. This is an opportunity for Orgs to touch base with each other and for our community to see what's happening within the project.

A full collection of video recordings of our past and current Community Calls can be found on our YouTube channel.

Proposal Reviews

Proposal Reviews take place every second Wednesday of each month. These calls are used as a space for proposal authors who have proposals going up for vote that month to discuss their proposals and answer questions from the community. You can find the link for upcoming calls on Discord by the 1st of each month.

More detailed updates to governance work being done can be found in the monthly written updates on the forum. The Governance Committee will also present quarterly goals & reflections during the Quarterly Community Calls.

Past governance call notes & recordings can be found here.

Community Calendar

You can subscribe to our community calendar that includes Quarterly Community Calls, monthly Proposal Review calls and each week of the monthly governance cycle.


Check out the Radworks Twitter page (@radworks_) for important DAO-wide announcements & governance updates.


Our YouTube channel has all recordings of past Community Calls and Proposal Reviews. We also have folders for all talks and events our contributors have hosted or spoken at.