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The RAD Token

$RAD is the native token of the Radworks Network, used as the primary means to coordinate all actors, govern the treasury, and (later this year will) reward infrastructure providers on top of the Radicle network.

How it works


Radworks is community-run: all aspects of the network are governed by RAD holders. RAD holders can vote on Radworks Governance Proposals (RGPs) to distribute funds from the Treasury, improve the network, and manage critical system parameters.


The Radworks Seed Network (RSN) is building a decentralized network of seed node operators that provide storage and retrieval services for the Radicle network. The RAD token will be used to reward seed nodes that provide these services to the RSN.

Token Contracts

Token Metrics

Please see CoinGecko for the latest token metrics.

Obtaining RAD

$RAD is available on the following exchanges:



Coming Soon!

There is an ongoing effort to bring new token utility to Radworks and the RAD token. Keep up to the date with discussions on